Lego Robotics – Challenge Days

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Two Saturdays a month we will have a Lego Robotics Challenge for kiddos to complete.  They will start with a basic chassis and create a motorized attachment, then they’ll program their robot to complete the task.

These challenges can stand alone or prepare kids for next year’s WRO Season. Either way, it should give them a nice framework for building their own Lego Robotic creations.

We’ll partner kiddos up each Saturday based on their skill level and personalities.  Pre-registration by the Friday before is required. This challenge is appropriate for kids who can read sight words such as “turn, right, and straight” through Middle School.


Time: 10am – 12pm
Dates: Sept 3, 24, Oct 8, 29, and more to come
Ages: Readers – 8th Grade
Cost: $12/week

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