Paper Circuit Stick Puppets

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Local Pickup Only without prior arrangement

Paper Circuits are a great introduction to how electricity works as well as how to plan out your project.  These puppets are simple enough for little people, but still loads of fun for older kids and adults who love being creativity.

Each kit will come with 2 coin-cell batteries, 9 ft of conductive copper tape, 18 3mm LEDs, 9 popsicle sticks, 2 resistors, a card stock sheet printed with nine puppets, and three pages of detailed, illustrated instructions.  The instructions demonstrate how to light your card with a single LED as well as two side by side LEDs.  Kiddos should be able to take that knowledge and expand it to other arrangements if they like.

Kits are generally ready for pick up on Barranca Mesa within a week of ordering.

By default I will package orders with multiple kits in one package to conserve plastic and avoid cutting the copper tape.  If you would like them individually packaged, please make a note.

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