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NOTICE: New subscriptions are suspended for a bit. Check back soon as we’ll be selling our previous boxes as individual purchases in the near future.

Sign-up Fee isn’t actually a sign-up fee.  It is for our starter pack that has everything you need to get you started with circuits.  You can read more about it below.

Get a monthly kit delivered to your door featuring a project to color, create, and electrify in this wonderful collaboration with Kirschbaum Strasse.

The rocket is just one prototype of what we have planned.  It will be made in would with more LEDs and maybe even sound!

Each month’s kit will come with:

  • A unique wooden puppet to color and light up.  These won’t be available for purchase in our main shop for at least 6 months after they’ve been released to the kits.
  • A new project ranging from a set of wooden pins that light up and beep to a wooden rocket ready to take off to a nightlight to a wand.  Most projects will be constructed from laser-cut and etched wood ready to be painted or colored with markers and assembled.  All projects will have enough room for kids to make something truly unique to them while learning to safely experiment with circuits.
  • LEDs, conductive tape, resistors, battery holders, and whatever else is needed to bring the creation to life.
  • Blog posts with a combination of pictorial and video instructions for assembling the kit as well as ideas for exploration and expansion.

The starter pack comes with:

  • 10 resistors of different values (3×100, 2×220, 2×470, 2×2.2k, photo)
  • 10 LEDs (1 each red, blue, green, yellow, white 3mm and 5mm)
  • 4 capacitors (2200 μF, 220 μF, 33 μF, 0.1 μF)
  • 555 timer
  • 1 beeping speaker
  • 1 bread board
  • 1 AAA Battery holder that can be connected to the breadboard
  • 1 wire cutters/strippers
  • 2 alligator clips with male jumper ends
  • 10 male to male jumpers
  • 1 wooden puppet with tape to make it light up
  • A blog post showing how to use all of these items for experimentation

Your sign-up fee covers the cost of the starter pack.  If you do not need a starter pack, use the coupon code NOSTARTERPACK.  While the starter pack is not necessary for any of the projects, many of the projects will be supplemented with it.

Sibling Packs include all of the materials to make an extra stick puppet each month.

Kids should be comfortable with a glue gun or have someone in the house to help.

Future kits may include expansion ideas for adding a BBC Micro:bit as well. Once those are in-stock in stores we will have those available as well.

Kits ship at the end of the month.

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  • Karen Carter says:

    What is the suggested age range for these projects? I would love to order some for the kids in my life, but I want to make sure it would be appropriate for their ages.

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