Summer Camp 2022

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Scholarships are ALWAYS available.  Please chat with us.

At STEAM Lab we believe summer should come with plenty of down time.  Our summer camps offer lots of unstructured fun both indoors and out.

Last year our outdoor play at Family Strengths Network (FSN) was so popular that we will be continuing that again this year.  Two or three days a week, we will start our day at FSN and then hike over to STEAM Lab late in the morning. We’ll aim for a water day about once a week where we’ll set up a slip and slide, squirt guns, and reusable water balloons at FSN and stay there for the whole morning. We’ll attend the Farmer’s Market on Thursdays, visit the Library, and tour local playgrounds. An itinerary for the upcoming week will be sent out each Saturday.

We’ll still have plenty of time for building and robotics play at STEAM in the late mornings as well as the days we start there.  We have Lego, MagnaTiles, trains, board games, books, art supplies, and soooo much to create and learn.

Additionally, each week will have a theme for the full day campers.  Themes are very loose and kids can participate in projects as they want to or keep playing with all of the other great stuff we have out.

Ages: K – 6
Half Day: 9am – 1pm
$180 ($100 sibling)
Full Day: 9am – 4pm
$300 ($180 sibling)

June 6th – 10th: Engineering (OUT OF STOCK)

We’ll build newspaper towers, suspension bridges, and have rubber band vehicle races.

June 13th – 17th: Art

We’ll mod-podge bookmarks, make foam stamps, and pull out all of the paper, colored pencils, scissors, and markers and if nature allows press wildflowers.

June 20th – 24th: Robotics (Full Day OUT OF STOCK)

We’ll host a robot olympics.  Each day will see kids provided with a new challenge to program and modify a robot to perform.

June 27th – July 1st: Circuits (Full Day OUT OF STOCK)

We’ll build cardboard circuits and learn how to connect them together to light up a (miniature) stage, make a switch, or add interest to some stick puppets.

July 5th – 8th: Crafts (Full Day OUT OF STOCK)

We’ll pull out some sewing machines, scrap fabric, knitting needles, yarn, loom bands, etc. and have fun make our own weird, custom creations.

July 11th – 15th: Micro:bit (Full Day OUT OF STOCK)

Micro:bits are small programmable processors that contain an LED array, piezo speaker, accelerometer, etc. They can be programmed with block coding or python using tablets or computers.  There is an additional material fee for this week if you would like your child to be able to keep their micro:bit.

July 18th – 22nd and July 25th – 29th

These weeks will not have a specific theme, but we may re-run a couple of the more popular projects (with new ideas for kids who’ve done them once already) or leave the afternoon plans up to the interests of the kiddos.

August 1st – 10th: TBD

We’ll likely add more dates here, but don’t want to over commit ourselves.

Covid Policies

We strive to create a very covid conscious environment in order to protect and be inclusive of medically vulnerable families. We have multiple HEPA filtration units in the building and have place MERV 8 filters in our HVAC returns. We’ll keep doors open when the weather is reasonable.

We’ll also continue to use masking as one of our strategies with the aim of preventing covid transmission. When the local daily case count exceeds 10 cases per 100K we will mask indoors. When that case count exceeds 25 cases per 100K we will mask outdoors. When that case count exceeds 75 cases per 100K we will return to outdoor only programming. We will use the 14 day rolling average to remove masks and the 7 day rolling average to return to them. Additionally, we will monitor elementary school cases and err on the side of stricter masking rules as we deem it necessary.

If your child has been identified as a close contact or if they or their siblings have any symptoms of illness, please have a conversation with us about your attendance. We would much rather refund your money for a week than risk exposing an entire class.

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