Summer Camp 2023 – Half Days

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Scholarships are ALWAYS available.  Please chat with us.

This listing is for individual half-days of summer camp.  We have half-day, full-day, monthly (FULL), and extended hour options.

Refund Policy

At STEAM Lab we believe summer should come with plenty of down time.  Our summer camps offer lots of unstructured fun both indoors and out.  We’ll be mixing things up this year and offering two tracks for our mornings as well as field trips for our afternoons. Early drop-off and late pick-up may become options as we secure our staffing for the year.

Grades: K – 6

Full Day: 9am – 4pm
* $310 ($190 sibling)/week
* $1150 ($750 sibling)/month

Outdoor Track

We’ll spend the first half of the day outside, touring different local parks and public outdoor spaces. This may include hiking, unstructured play in the woods, playgrounds, water days, etc.  An itinerary will be sent out the Saturday before each week as the drop off locations will be different for each day, though they will all be close to the main Los Alamos townsite. Kiddos will head inside to STEAM Lab around lunch.

Themed Track

Each week we’ll have a different theme to explore.  Kiddos will spend the morning at STEAM Lab doing projects based on that theme.  In keeping with our philosophy, these projects will have a lot of flexibility and no child will ever be forced into participation.  We’ll often still head to the playground for a bit each morning to run off some energy.


The two tracks will merge in the afternoon for free play at STEAM Lab.  Each week kiddos will have opportunities to go on at least two field trips as small groups.  We have in mind things like heading to the splash pad in WR, working with seniors at Aspen Ridge, visiting local museums and the library, and more.  We’ll also aim to take groups off to the playground at least once a day.

Bankens Mountain Martial Arts

We’ve partnered with Bankens Mountain Martial Arts to offer extra enrichment (and movement!) for your kiddo.  For an extra $20/child/week kids will join Professor Bankens twice a week for skill building games and exercises.  This will not interfere with either track or with field trips.

Weekly Themes

June 5th – 9th: Recycled Fashion (0 spots left for theme)

We’ll pull out all of the recycling, glue guns, and tape and make some fun and robust costumes and attire.  Come with a favorite character to reconstruct or an open mind and we’ll make it work.

June 12th – 16th: Micro:bits (0 spots left for theme, 2 spots left for outside)

Micro:bits are small programmable processors that contain an LED array, piezo speaker, accelerometer, etc. They can be programmed with block coding or python using tablets or computers.  There is an additional material fee for this week if you would like your child to be able to keep their micro:bit.

June 19th – 23rd:  Crafts (FULL)

We’ll play with yarn, fabric, art supplies, and more.  This is the most flexible week as we’ll see what the kiddos are interested in and run with it.

June 26th – 30th:  Languages (FULL)

We’ll focus on a language a day and do activities related to that language.  Right now we’ve got American Sign Language, Spanish, Japanese, and Braille (okay, not quite a language) planned.

July 3rd – 7th (no 4th): Robots (0 spots left for theme)

We’ll host a robot olympics.  Each day will see kids provided with a new challenge to program and modify a robot to perform. We’ll also add in some unplugged programming lessons. We know this week is shorter, but changing the price would require an entirely separate listing, we’ll add the difference to our scholarship fund or if the difference is meaningful to you, we’ll refund you).

July 10th – 14th:  Trains (FULL)

We’ll lay out our Duplo trains, use Lego robotics to create trains and switches and generally just make really complex cool layouts using all of our resources.

July 17th – 21st: Game Jam (2 spots left)

A Game Jam is typically a weekend activity where people get together to work on various aspects of game design from coding to graphics and more.  We’ll do this over the course of the week, but throw in support for physical games (like board games) as well. We’ll throw out a theme and help kids create characters, draw physical or digital art, design gameplay, and code or construct their games.

July 24th – 28th:  Lego Engineering (1 spot left for theme, 3 spots left total) 

We’ll explore strength and mechanics by building sturdy towers, crash-proof cars, mechanical punchers, jumpers, and striding walkers.  We may use some motors, but we almost definitely won’t program anything, these project are meant to be mechanical not programmatic.  Projects may change, but the spirit will stay the same.

Refund Policy

Covid Policies

We strive to create a very covid conscious environment in order to protect and be inclusive of medically vulnerable families. We have multiple HEPA filtration units in the building and have place MERV 8 filters in our HVAC returns. We’ll keep doors open when the weather is reasonable.

We’ll also continue to use masking as one of our strategies with the aim of preventing covid transmission. When the local weekly case count exceeds 75 cases per 100K we will mask indoors. When that case count exceeds 200 cases per 100K we will mask outdoors. We will use the 14 day rolling average to remove masks and the 7 day rolling average to return to them.

If your child has been identified as a close contact or if they or their siblings have any symptoms of illness, please have a conversation with us about your attendance. We would much rather refund your money for a week than risk exposing an entire class.

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