Valentine’s Day Cards

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This is the first in a set of Valentine’s Cards we’ll be producing this year.  We’ll be adding some pdfs as well to share with friends digitally.

All orders are available for local pickup on Barranca Mesa.  If I receive several WR orders, then I may have a drop-off at the WR Library.  Shipping is usually available with prior arrangement.


Circuit Packs will include:

  • 12 LED (4 red, 4 blue, 4 green)
  • 12″ conductive tape
  • 6 coin cell batteries
  • 1 card stock sheet of 6 Valentines ready to be cut, colored, and lit up
  • Clear instructions

Cryptographic Valentines will include:

  • One card stock sheet of four 2-sided valentines ready to be cut and colored
  • Three card stock sheets with 2 decoder wheels each ready to be cut and assembled
  • Five button backs to be used for the decoder wheel centers
  • Five paper clips to be used to hold the wheel in place
  • A short video showing how to encode your own messages

Science Valentines will include:

  • One card stock sheet of five valentines ready to be cut and colored


Digital Valentines

This year we are also offering digital valentines for those kiddos who are seeing their friends remotely.  Licenses are only good for the month of February 2021 and we hope you will respect our art.

Any of our designs can be made into a digital Valentine.  Please specify which you would like at check out.

Digital Valentines will include:

  • One high-res PNG image
  • A printable crypto wheel PDF if needed
  • Instructions on how to color and customize your Valentine using Google Draw

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