Godot Lesson 7: Basic Screen Scrolling


This lesson makes the camera follow the player on a grid based map system. Basically, the camera moves with the player as they change rooms, but does not stay centered on the player. A HUD (heads-up-display) is also added, but not yet implemented.


  • A player that moves (Lesson 1)

  • Everything will make more sense with Lessons 2 through 6



Repository: https://github.com/los-alamos-steam-lab/godot-tutorial/tree/7-basic-screen-scrolling

Camera Code

extends Camera2D

var WIDTH = 160
var HEIGHT = 128

func _ready():
    # when a body enters or exits, call a function
    $area.connect("body_entered", self, "body_entered")
    $area.connect("body_exited", self, "body_exited")

func _process(delta):
    # Find the position of the player (which means it has to be on the
    # same level in the scene tree
    var pos = get_node("../player").global_position - Vector2(0, 16)

    # use the floor to find the grid position of the player
    # and then multipy to put the camera in the proper spot in the scene
    var x = floor(pos.x/WIDTH) * WIDTH
    var y = floor(pos.y/HEIGHT) * HEIGHT
    global_position = Vector2(x, y)

func body_entered(body):
    # make the enemies move when they enter the camera
    if body.get("TYPE") == "ENEMY":

func body_exited(body):
    # make the enemies stope when they leave the camera
    if body.get("TYPE") == "ENEMY":