Godot Lesson 8: Object Placer


This lesson uses a tilemap to place enemies that are then spawned at run-time. This can be used for keys, and other non-unique items as well. It is no good for things like signs that want individualized. The lesson also makes use of mask and collision bits to keep the enemies from walking off screen.


  • An enemy or something to place (Lesson 3)

  • Everything will make more sense with Lessons 1 through 7



Repository: https://github.com/los-alamos-steam-lab/godot-tutorial/tree/8-enemy-placer

Enemy Tilemap Code

Major Changes from the Video:

  • To make this useful for other scenes (like keys) the final template code requires the tile name to be the full path to the scene (i.e enemies/stalfos). This change has not been made here but is made for the final template.

extends TileMap

# Called when the node enters the scene tree for the first time.
func _ready():
    var size = get_cell_size()
    var offset = size/2
    for tile in get_used_cells():
        var name = get_tileset().tile_get_name(get_cell(tile.x, tile.y))
        var node = load(str("res://enemies/", name, ".tscn")).instance()
        node.global_position = tile * size + offset
        get_parent().call_deferred("add_child", node)