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Visit our Facebook Page or YouTube Studio for videos and activities to keep your child entertained during quarantine.

Los Alamos STEAM Lab is a woman owned small business located in Los Alamos. Our mission is to create a dynamic learning environment for children and their families. We want to empower students to discover innovative ways of learning and growing and are passionate about igniting the spark of potential in every student.

We offer classes ranging from Preschool Programming Literacy to Art History to Cosplay as well as after school clubs and drop in hours for unstructured play with programmable robots and Technic Lego. We believe in peer learning and will help facilitate child and family led growth in education.

  • March Mammal* Madness
    *plus some non-mammals This year we will be participating in March Mammal Madness. This is a yearly bracketed contest to see which animals would win out in a [hypothetical] tournament style combat. The idea is to give kiddos a […]
  • Now Hiring
    We are currently looking for the right people for a few positions. Tutors: We are in need of a supply of after school tutors as our Beast Academy Math program grows and we add homework help and reading tutoring. […]
  • Tutoring and Homework Help
    I have a pipe-dream of attaching a free tutoring and homework center to STEAM Lab where kiddos of all ages can come, get help with their homework, projects, or just concepts they’re struggling with. We’d hire high schoolers to […]
  • Math Tutoring and Enrichment
    Math is a hard subject to teach in school. It is reasonably easy to differentiate reading and writing, because students pick their own books and write their own journals, but math is so much more rigid. On top of […]
  • Winter/Spring Classes
    Our new class schedule is up! You can check it out at https://lasteamlab.com/events/ and I’ll list some of the highlights here. As always, if you have a group that would like their own session of one of these classes, […]