Godot Template: Item Class


Items are created independent of the Player, so that they can also be used by enemies and other entities. Items are instanced and made children of the entity in Entity.use_item() (more detail in the Entity Class)

Scene Tree

Item is a class and not a scene, but it relies on its instances having this tree structure. Names not in quotes should not be changed.

  • “Name” is type Item
    • [optional] AnimationPlayer is type AnimationPlayer

    • Sprite is type Sprite

    • Hitbox is type Area2D
      • CollisionShape2D is type CollisionShape2D


    • The amount the item harms an entity of a different type

    • The maximum number of the item that a single entity can have spawned at a time

  • delete_on_hit
    • Signals whether the item should be deleted when it hits an entity of a different type


The code is very basic on this and simply sets up the exports, assigns the item the same TYPE as its parent and puts it in the item group.


var TYPE = null

# input is set in entity.use_item()
var input = null

# These are settable in the inspector
# (float, min, max, interval)
export(float, 0, 20, 0.5) var               DAMAGE                  = 0.5
export(int, 1, 20) var                      MAX_AMOUNT              = 1
export(bool) var                            delete_on_hit   = false

func _ready():
    TYPE = get_parent().TYPE