Godot Template: Teleporting


The teleport scene allows the player to transition from one map area to another, or to jump around within a single map area. The code by itself can be reused for doorways into and out of houses and other similar transistions.

Scene Tree

  • teleport is type Area2D
    • Sprite is type Sprite

    • CollisionShape2D is type CollisionShape2D


Because of these exports, teleports cannot be placed using the object placer, but must be placed directly into the map area.

  • dest_scene
    • FILE: The scene that the player will teleport to.

  • dest_position
    • Vector2: The new player position.

  • dest_spritedir
    • STRING Enum: The direction the player should face.

How it Works

When the player enters the teleport tile, it triggers Main.teleport() which:

  • Pauses the tree

  • Saves the current area and deletes it.

  • Loads the new area and sets the player position and direction

  • Unpauses the tree

Main.teleport() can be used by other scripts (such as a door) as well.



extends Area2D

export(String, FILE) var dest_scene
export(Vector2) var dest_position
export(String, "Up", "Down", "Left", "Right")       var  dest_spritedir = "Down"

var main_scene  := "/root/Main"

# Called when the node enters the scene tree for the first time.
func _ready():
    connect("body_entered", self, "body_entered")

func body_entered(body):
    if body.name == "Player":
        # Pickup the key and then delete it.
        get_node(main_scene).call("teleport", dest_scene, dest_position, dest_spritedir)


func teleport(new_scene_path, new_position, new_spritedir):
    get_tree().paused = true
    if current_area:
        yield(current_area, "tree_exited")

    var new_area = instance_area(new_scene_path)
    player.position = new_position
    player.state = "default"
    current_area = new_area
    player.spritedir = new_spritedir
    get_tree().paused = false