Python Lessons

A series of interactive tutorials to teach kids and adults how to program some basic python programs. This is a great way to stretch the mind for anyone, no prior programming knowledge should be required.

Math Facts

Difficulty: 2/10

We can use our calculators to test out our math skills, but sometimes it can be more fun to write our own programs! This tutorial will help you create an interactive python program that will quiz the player on their math facts. We’ll use lists, loops, and random. Kiddos should be reasonably proficient in adding two single digit numbers.


Difficulty: 3/10

Learning parts of speech is a lot more fun when we can combine it with MadLib style learning. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create your own MadLibs for others to fill out. We’ll use lists, dictionaries, loops, and random. Kiddos should be reasonably knowledgeable about parts of speech.