Refund Policy

Camps and Classes

We will give full* refunds on camps and classes under the following circumstances:

  • Someone in the registered person’s household has tested positive for Covid or is presenting symptoms.
  • We have not yet fully staffed the class or camp.
  • We have changed the class or camp in an impactful way.

If you do not meet the above criteria, we will consider your refund based on whether or not we can fill the registered person’s spot in the camp. Folks who request a refund more than a week in advance will receive at least 50% back. Others will receive at least a 50% credit if we’ve been unable to fill their spot.

* We will prorate refunds based on the date we were notified and we reserve the right to keep a 5% fee to cover our credit card processing costs.

** We try to make programs affordable and safe for all and could also put to good use any donated camp funds that would have been refunded. Ten to twenty percent of our classes and camps are filled with people receiving scholarships.