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Math Tutoring and Enrichment

Math is a hard subject to teach in school. It is reasonably easy to differentiate reading and writing, because students pick their own books and write their own journals, but math is so much more rigid. On top of that is the fact that arithmetic and math are often conflated so students that have a hard time with one, give up on the other. Yet, we never assume that because a kid is a bad speller they can’t read or write.

Math is my passion. I love teaching students that they can think creatively *and* logically and solve hard problems. I’ve played with a few ways of trying to address this at STEAM Lab and I think I’ve settled on my favorite.

In February, we’ll start offering Math Tutoring and Enrichment using the Beast Academy curriculum. This curriculum focuses on developing concepts and creative problem solving. At the beginning of each chapter two characters discuss a real world problem in comic book style and develop the math to solve that problem. Students work through problems to cement the concept, but never just rote repetition.

In this program kiddos will be learning things in a very different way than they are in class. It will make things click for some kids who’ve been struggling and it will provide new ways of thinking for kiddos who’ve been having an easy time. All in all, it will make the transition from arithmetic to algebra much, much easier.


This program is aimed at kids in grades 2-7. Have your kiddo take part of the placement tests. When choosing a placement test, choose one lower than you think might be correct, since we’ll want to reinforce the logic behind some of the concepts before introducing new material.

If you tell us where your kiddo is at and when they’re available, then we’ll pair them up with another student of roughly the same level. Problem solving with a buddy is always more fun! If your child already has a buddy, then just let us know!

Cost will be $12 for each workbook (we’ll buy the books) and then a weekly cost of $10. You’ll pay by the month based on how many days are available that month. We’re running the program on Mondays and Tuesdays from 4-5 and Wednesdays from 1-2. Kiddos are welcome to stay and finish out our drop-in hours afterwards.

We will be hiring a student to help facilitate, but there will always be a math-y adult on hand to answer questions as well.

Any questions?