As we develop curriculum for classes or because we simply want to fill holes we see in the world, we will place it here.

Social Justice Math Curricula

This is curricula dear to Lis’s heart and thirteen years in the making. It will grow to include robust, standards based curricula across multiple grade levels that all use social justice as the framework for the lessons. Social Justice is not forced and there are a few units where it simply does not work. However, wherever the practical application adds to the curriculum it is used.

The curricula is generally spiral and scaffolded. Students work with the data in multiple modalities each lesson and are encouraged to think about their results from a practical point of view. Where data is simplified, students are asked to think about the impact of that simplification. Standards are provided for each unit.

Game Design

Loads of Game Design documentation that is growing every day. This includes links to video tutorials for the Godot Game Engine, recorded talks from our speaker series, game mechanics, and more!

Adventures in STEM

In partnership with Family Strengths Network we are creating a series of videos on STEM topics. Local families can often request material kits from FSN to use for the projects.

Interactive Python Lessons

A series of interactive tutorials to teach kids and adults how to program some basic python programs. This is a great way to stretch the mind for anyone, no prior programming knowledge should be required.

These lessons would be a great free time filler for kiddos finished with their schoolwork and cover a variety of topics.

Scratch Tutorials

A series of YouTube tutorials on programming in Scratch, a free block based programming language hosted by MIT. Each video tutorial also comes with a link to the project in Scratch.

Paper Circuit Tutorials

Paper Circuits are a fun way to add a bit of pizzazz to projects while learning about electricity and engineering. Projects can be simple “light up” affairs, or more complex with resistors and crossings.