Group Tutoring

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Sometimes kids need a bit of help in a specific subject area or just getting their homework done after school. We are in the process of trying to develop some affordable options to meet these needs.


We currently have the Beast Academy Math program for kids who need a different way to look at math. This program is great for both struggling and bored students and teaches high level math understanding in a very accessible comic book form. Kids work through their books individual or in pairs in a group environment. So far there has been a lot of giggling involved.

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We are currently looking for a general reading program similar to our math program. We hope to find something that will not just help those who are reading below grade level, but those who are not reading at all or who have a dyslexia diagnosis. Follow our blog and we will update when this becomes a reality.

Homework Help for ELL (Spanish)

We currently offer a free of charge program for Spanish speaking middle and high school student requiring additional support in their native language (through a collaboration with JJAB). Please contact us for more information.