Curriculum Review Board

In order to make sure our curriculum does not just try to incorporate social justice into its teachings, but actually lives up to the standards it is trying to uphold, we are forming a curriculum review board.

The board will be made up of “own voices,” folks who represent the communities they belong to and may act as occasional ambassadors to other communities with adjacent interests. I (Lis) have friends and students in many of the communities I’m including in the curriculum, but I would like to have direct feedback correcting any misunderstandings I may have, or simply pointing out more inclusive language when needed. No math knowledge is necessary.

At the moment, the curriculum is available for free and I hope to keep it that way, sustaining it’s continued creation with tips. Because of that, the board will start out as a volunteer board. I want to honor their work and time, though, so I will donate a percentage of tips to groups of their choosing. As the curriculum becomes self-sustaining, I hope to change this format based on recommendations from the board. And don’t worry, I’m not even paying myself to write it.

Some practicalities

Currently the board will meet asynchronously via slack. They will read through curriculum and share their feedback with each other and me. I will ask questions and clarify, but otherwise listen. I will implement what changes I can immediately and keep broader suggestions in mind as I develop more curriculum and supplemental material.

If you are interested in applying for a seat on the board, please send us a message letting us know. Please include in that message what groups you represent. It makes me feel a bit slimy to ask that, but I think it is necessary, given the nature of the board. We have ‘female’ pretty well covered, so while I anyone is welcome to submit feedback on the lesson, and I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm for the project, we’re looking for some more specific communities to provide feedback.