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As a former educator, I’ve done a fair amount of talking with parents in Los Alamos. One common concern is how new organizations will engage with diverse children. I want […]

I recently had the opportunity to reread one of my favorite series. I often do this alongside one of my two daughters, when it’s been long enough that I can […]

My daughter participated in the first Wonder League competition with a friend when she was six. It was a great experience. Together they completed a challenge each week, with very […]

Los Alamos STEAM lab offers classes in a variety of fields, but we also have drop in hours as well. During our drop in hours, kiddos (and adults) can play […]

We decided to create the STEAM Lab because we are passionate about education. We hope that this year and in all years to come that the STEAM Lab will be […]

Most people have heard the term STEM learning, and understand that STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and math. So what differentiates STEAM from STEM and why is […]

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