Birthday Parties (Covid Style)

These birthdays are all virtual. We’ll let you know when we get back to hosting in-person parties.


Photo Credit: Chantielle Hanson, Borrow a Baker

We offer two Minecraft options: Supervised play and a weekend experience. For both options, we’ll load a custom birthday world into our Java or Bedrock servers with fun experiences. Does your kid have special interests? We can probably make a new section of the world just for them. We’ll whitelist the invitees and create a private, safe experience for your kiddo. Both options start at $40. Chat with us if cost is an issue.

Supervised play is a two hour experience with a mod appropriate for your child’s age and interests. The mod will be around to teleport kids, show off new places, or answer questions.

Weekend experience includes two days (doesn’t actually have to be a weekend) of full access to the birthday world for your child and their friends. We’ll whitelist them all ahead of time and make you or your child an op so that you can do what you want with the world.

Dungeons and Dragons

Our Dungeon Master will spin an enchanting mini-quest just for your birthday kid and up to five friends. The quest will be two hours long and be held over discord. It will also include 30 minute private sessions with each participant the week before to set up a character for the game. No experience necessary. Cost is $70.