JoLynn Baily: Adult of the group
My background is a mish-mosh between project management and arts. I have a Masters degree in Interior Design and recently started back, after kiddos, working with Habitat for Humanity helping design homes. I have years of experience in general office and project management having worked in hotel management and project management for a software company. My role in this company is to keep things running smoothly. I handle the bookkeeping, payroll and general operating procedures

Lisabeth Lueninghoener: Robot Whisperer, Math Witch
I host classes in Mathematics, Programming, and Robotics (Lego and otherwise). My classes are meant to give students a space to explore their interests and lose themselves in creative projects.

A special thanks to those who helped to found STEAM Lab but have taken their lives in new directions

Erin Green: Resident Millennial
I am a massive geek, an avid gamer, anime enthusiast, creative artist and passionate literary analyst. I have a BA in Art History and Literature and three quarters of an MA in Literature.

Jessica Stein: Jack of all trades, master of some
Mother of three, teacher, artist. Nerd level: Grand Moff. Interests include embroidery, knitting, watercolor, printmaking, gardening, science-fiction, record collecting video games and LEGO.