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  • Vic P says:

    I think Test was a success!

  • Jessica Stein says:

    Max 13
    Dez 11

  • Lis says:

    Super cool!

  • WildMama says:

    I ADORE this series and am so happy to see it so perfectly reviewed. I cannot wait to share it with my girls when they are older. I have hopes to see it as an HBO or STARZ series and had at one time heard rumor that Nix was being courted for a film deal. But of course the book is always better.

  • […] and make our classes accessible to everyone (you can see one part of that desire in our post about diversity). We finally settled on LLC because we weren’t ready to bring a Board into the decision […]

  • Diana says:

    What is your target age group?

    • Lis says:

      Drop in hours are good for Pre-K through Teen, though we are short on the high schoolers right now because we’ve been building up the other age groups (we do still have loads for them to do). Parents are expected to be present with non-school age kiddos during the week, and kids under 8 on the weekends. We have a small play area for toddlers and babies stocked with duplo and blocks if a younger sibling needs some entertainment.

  • Liz thomas says:

    Are any spaces still available? Did you possibly have a cancelation or someone who would like for someone to take their place?
    Interested in a spot(s) for 1 or ideally 2 children

    • Lis says:

      Hello! Unfortunately there is only one class left of a four part series. I’m sure we’ll offer it again sometime though.

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  • Karen Carter says:

    What is the suggested age range for these projects? I would love to order some for the kids in my life, but I want to make sure it would be appropriate for their ages.

  • Mitsi Willard says:

    Lydia (kindergarten) is excited to come play at the STEAM Lab Friday!

  • Doreen Gunkel says:

    Thank you for making this type of activity available for Braedyn.

  • Mom and Dad says:

    Happy Birthday