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What to expect this year.

We decided to create the STEAM Lab because we are passionate about education. We hope that this year and in all years to come that the STEAM Lab will be a community building resource. That children and families can use the space to dream, explore, create, and bond, not just with each other but with other community members.

Community members should expect to find themselves having fun while learning new things at the same time. It is our hope that kids can use our space to try new things that maybe they wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to. We envision a multi-purpose learning co-working space with children and families in mind. Everyone is welcome!

The following guidelines are for everyone who uses the STEAM Lab, kids and adults. This is an ever evolving list of guidelines and things may change as we grow and learn from each other. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us!


– Have fun!
– Treat everyone with respect
– Create new things
– Make a mess
– Clean up your mess
– Be excited and share it!
– Ask questions
-Try all the things!
-Carry robots over your head
-Crazy feet (we have downstairs neighbors)
-Throw things
-Touch people without permission
-Use our computers to visit NSFW sites

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