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Protected: The Science of Snowflakes

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Ghost Boys starts at the scene of the extrajudicial police shooting of a young Black boy, Jerome. The circumstances leading up to the shooting are revealed in snippets over the course of the book both in flashbacks and trial coverage. It will sound familiar, though. A good kid who tries to always do the right thing living in a rough neighborhood under circumstances that make the shooting ‘justifiable’ and even ‘laudable’ to those who will always set Black boys on the wrong side of the law.

We’ve got a few things lined up for the fall and will be adding more as schedules stabilize. Covid Camp Our Covid Camp is currently full, but we’re keeping a […]

Spies have infiltrated Los Alamos and seek the secrets of our town!  Fortunately, a scientist thought to lock them up for safekeeping – in a box with multiple locks, no […]

As we all know, planning for the fall is like shooting at a moving target with a pile of sticks with no fletchings. Sometimes the target even disappears completely. Even […]

One of the amazing features of the Raspberry Pi when it first came out was that it came with a free version of Minecraft that had the ability to be […]

The kids are playing a lot of Minecraft these-a-days and I don’t really blame them. It is engaging and creative and sometimes quite challenging for the brain. They learn spatial […]

Heading into summer with covid still in the air I see two reasonable options for how we could proceed. We could cancel our camps so as to best facilitate and […]

We decided to create the STEAM Lab because we are passionate about education. We hope that this year and in all years to come that the STEAM Lab will be […]

Most people have heard the term STEM learning, and understand that STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and math. So what differentiates STEAM from STEM and why is […]

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