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This purchase is an auto-renewable payment for monthly STEAM Lab After School care.  You may cancel at anytime.  First child is full price, additional children receive the sibling discount.

After you’ve signed up, I will manually move your second payment to September 25th and future payments will be on the 25th of the month.  Breaks and snow days are included in the price as are months with 5 days. Late cancellations will have a 5% surcharge (which is what we are charged by our processor).

First day of camp is August 28th.  We have our August offerings listed for both the week before school and the first two full weeks of school.

Scholarships are available for all of our programs. Please contact us for more information!


Single Day: $60/month/day for the first child and $40/month/day for siblings
Wednesdays: $170/month for the first child and $110/month for siblings
Full Week without Wednesdays: $120/month for the first child and $70/month for siblings
Full Week: $280/month for the first child and $170/month for siblings

Any subscription of over $100/month comes with a 25-50% discount for out of school camps.

Wednesdays: 12:30 – 6:00 (We think! The schools need to set the school day!)

No theme on these days!  We play with Lego, build with magnatiles, pull out trains, go to playgrounds, and more.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 4:00 – 6:00

On these days we will stick around STEAM Lab and not adventure around town. Don’t worry! There’s still plenty to do with Lego, board games, crafts, and other STEAM toys.  This is also a good time to get homework help or participate in any classes we’re offering at that time at a steeply discounted price.

We’ll also have daily themes.  They’ll be pretty unstructured, but generally provide some variety and allow kids to find some like-minded friends.  As always, these themes will be completely optional.

Monday – Recycled Fashion and Crafts
We’ll use recycling, glue guns, pencils, yarn, crayons, and more to create beautiful creations each week.  Some weeks we’ll have ideas for a specific skill or medium and others we’ll just go wild with whatever supplies are around.

Tuesday – Coding Club and Robots
Kids will get support doing Scratch, Bits Box, CMU CS Academy, or their own projects. All levels, from beginners to kiddos looking to elevate their knowledge are welcome. Last year we had several kids “graduate” to making platformer games using the Godot game engine.

We’ll also have out our robots for kiddos to program and complete challenges with.  Some weeks we’ll have a specific challenge or goal and others will just be free play.  We have robots appropriate for emerging readers and will acquire more if there is interest.

Thursday – Languages
This will be a place to come practice your favorite languages and learn new ones.  We’ll do some Duolingo and watch some non-English programming, but we’ll also have fluent speakers (or communicators) in at least once a month to teach something new.  We’ll dabble in Esperanto and learn about the ways languages have been used in novel ways, such as the Navajo Code Talkers.

Friday – Not Your Momma’s Game Jam
This day is all about game creation.  We’ll work on video games: level design, asset creation, programming.  We’ll work on board games: game dynamics, making things fair, pieces.  We’ll work on both: world building, character creation, storytelling.  Each month will have a loose focus, but kids will be able to choose to work on board games or video games or a bit of each.



We cannot usually provide after-school transportation. However, many of our kiddos (including the occasional counselor) take Atomic City Transit after school. The bus takes them directly from school to a stop outside Fuller Lodge. From there they have a single crosswalk in the business park to cross. We are always happy to connect interested families from the same schools with each other to make transportation easier.


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