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A BreakOUT box is like an escape room in a box.

The kit includes the following physical items…

  • 1 Large Breakout EDU Locking Box
  • 1 Small Breakout EDU Locking Box
  • 1 Hasp
  • 1 Alphabet Multilock
  • 1 Directional Multilock
  • 1 Color Wheels for Multilock
  • 1 Shape Wheels for Multilock
  • 1 Number Wheels for Multilock
  • 1 Three-digit lock
  • 1 Four-digit lock
  • 1 Key lock (with three identical keys)
  • 1 Red Lens Viewer
  • 1 UV light

We can prepare your adventure for you ahead of time, or send a binder full of laminated and prepared puzzles home with your box.  You can also create your own adventure.

Puzzles range from quite complex with multi-part clues for each lock, to rather straight-forward and manageable by kinder kiddos.  Most of them require a bit of setup by an adult in the know (things like hiding clues or keys), but some of them can be delivered ready for everyone in the house to participate.

Checkout the list on our Google Drive or request one for a specific topic and age range and we’ll see what we can do!

As always, send us an email or message before renting so we can ensure availability.

Replacement Cost: $250


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