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Fall Classes and Clubs

We’ve got a few things lined up for the fall and will be adding more as schedules stabilize.

Covid Camp

Our Covid Camp is currently full, but we’re keeping a wait list if you contact us. This camp is about being active, staying social, and getting work done. It is all outside, masked up, and physically distanced. We think it’ll be fun, but also safe.

We’d love to hiring a teen to help us with this camp (so we can clear our waitlist). If you know someone, send them our way. The plan is to always have everyone within sight of our adult, but we need to maintain the 1:5 ratios set by the governor.

Algebra I with a Social Justice Slant

I’ve been thinking about how to develop a social justice focused math curriculum since I first heard of them over a decade ago. The right student with the right need finally motivated me to do it now.

This Algebra I class is pre-algebra and algebra rolled into one. It is problem-based in nature and it revisits the same concepts multiple times with added complexity. We’ll meet outside for as long as we can and switch over to Google meets if we need to.

Dungeons and Dragons

We’re always looking for ways to get kiddos together socially during weird times, so when we had the opportunity to hire on a high schooler to run some D&D campaigns we jumped on it.

The first round of Dungeons and Dragon Clubs will last 5 weeks, and we have sessions for kids ranging from 2nd to high school. Beginners are welcome and they’ll have a one-on-one session to learn how to set up their characters.


We’re scaling back our minecraft operations for the beginning of the school year. Our creative bedrock and creative java offerings will simply be for server access and not scheduled chat, kids can arrange their own chat with buddies or use in-game chat. We’ve got Raspberry Juice installed on the Java server, so this works with all of our Python content as well.

For our Little People it is still all about the time to chat with friends, so we’re keeping that class, but reducing it to one meeting a week. Our Java Survival kids really enjoy the chat portion as well, so we’ll be keeping that meetup going as well.

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